Working Harder For The Same Revenue?

During the recent economic difficulties there are many themes that seem to run through all industries: “We are putting out many proposals, but the jobs seem much smaller than before the crisis began.” An accompanying condition has been the diving down into the market of smaller and smaller prospects by very large competitors that in better times leave those segments alone. So, what to do about these conditions? These are suggestions from some business owners who have dealt successfully with these two conditions.

First: Sharpen up your differentiators-find out what your customers need right now and get better than anyone else in getting it to them. 

Second: What can you do to make your internal processes more efficient so you can handle more volume and maintain margins without raising costs and giving away profits. In other words, stay out of the “commodity game.” 

Third: Don”t be victimized by the size gambit played by larger competitors. Just what advantage does size give them anyway and can you match or exceed their performance? What really matters to the prospect/customer? Are their size concerns just a mask for something else? 

Fourth: Make sure you have top-notch people on your staff and that they are in the right jobs-as we said in an earlier blog, if you are retooling the business, also retool the staff. 

Finally, if “flat is the new normal,” find ways to be better than anyone else at turning the condition to advantage.