Words Matter. Are You Using the Right Ones?

In a recent business owner meeting, one member of the group asked if the others understood the value of what his business provided to customers. Some of the responses were pretty close to correct, and others were off the mark. What the group decided is that the words the owner used to describe his services and their value may only be understood by a specific industry, but they were not suitable for the decision-makers that he needed to reach.

Good communications will generate more success. Conversations of any quality obviously depend on words. The right words are essential to good communication. That fact that the world has moved to more online communications makes word choice even more important. Good content has and always will be important – on signs, in ads, on websites, in social media posts. Search engine optimization and social media expand the definition of good content so that Google and other search engines are able to find you. But to be successful, you must use the language and words that resonate with the people you serve and want to serve. So find the words that matter to your customers and prospects and use them in every way you can, including company conversations. Think of your own reaction when an individual or a promotional message makes you feel like they ‘get it.’