Who Do You Want to Do Business With?

If you really studied your customer base, would you be able to tell who the customers are that you really like doing business with? If so, what are the answers? People who pay on time? (No surprise there.) People who give you regular orders? (Not exactly a shock, either.) In the pursuit of the growth of our business, we can fall into the trap of oversimplifying who we want to acquire and keep as customers. How about people you like? Is that OK? Why wouldn’t it be? What does “people you like” entail?

When asked this question business owners will say, “people who “get it”” (what we offer and how we offer it and its value to them.) They also say “people who have similar values to ours.” If this is true, then how do they know that they share similar values? There is mutual respect. There is promptness in responding to questions and issues. There is trust and more of a feeling of partnership than just vendor/buyer. All of these things are hard to define, but we know them when we see them.

So, if you want to keep the customers you like (repeat buyers who pay on time are just fine,) find out as much as you can about who they are and what they want so you can keep the ones you have and find more of them. How many big companies engender these feelings in those they do business with? Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Apple?

How about your business? Make sure it is your business.