Who Do You Need To Call Today? Tomorrow?

Ever suffer from “call reluctance?” It strikes all of us, not just sales people. Sometimes we think we will get to it “soon.” Sometimes we are avoiding something we do not want to do or say. And sometimes, we just want to take the hour, afternoon or the day off. OK, but what if you made a list of the people you should be calling but aren’t. Next to each name, put the reason for the call and the goal you want to accomplish with it. Now, write what is holding you back from making that call. Be as specific as you can. Now put an “A” or “B” next to each call. “A” means very important. “B” means not so important. One of the traps of lists is assuming that everything on it is of equal importance. Look at the “As” and look at what is holding you back and think about the outcome if you achieve the goal of the call. Try the toughest one first. The point is, think of all the times in the past you have faced up to a difficult task and accomplished it. Not a bad feeling, is it? So make your calls, achieve your objectives and go home happy.