Whether Things Are Going Well Or Badly, Take A Vacation!

Yes, I know we are a nation of passionate workaholics. And, many of us are lucky to love our work. But, whether times are good or bad, especially if they are bad, take a vacation and clear your mind, rest you body and recharge your batteries. It is hard to argue against the benefits of rest. It’s less clear to realize the way that multi-tasking eats away at your progress and well-being. If you like adventure, take an adventure vacation. If you like sitting and reading somewhere on the beach, on a breezy porch or in a cabin in the woods, book it. And that’s the point. Vacations hardly happen unless you book them. Put some money down (OK, buy trip insurance.) Put it on all your calendars in bold letters. Like all the other commitments you make, taking that vacation is very important and deserves the chance to be taken seriously. The pleasant surprise is that often the things that seemed unsolvable either turn out to be less important or a solution pops into your mind because you are more relaxed. And, make sure to keep you schedule clear for when you get back so you can re-enter without dissolving immediately all the good that being away did for you. As the AirTran ad says, “Go, there is nothing [really] stopping you.”