What’s Your Company’s Trojan Horse?

One of the things that characterizes many business owners is the passion they have for their companies. Passion is a good thing. It can sustain us in bad times, in the face of rejection and especially during those dark hours of doubt. But passion can also overwhelm prospects and scare them away. Too often, we get on a roll in a conversation and want the other person to know every great thing about all the things we can offer them. We verbalize the list of features and benefits without starting with the critical step of finding out what the prospect”s issues and needs are. Harking back to an earlier blog that talked about trust as a basis for business relationships, it is hard to build trust with someone you are overwhelming or boring them.


So, start with getting a clear understanding of what the prospect needs and how that matches” up with what you can provide. Assuming you have established that understanding, the next obstacle to overcome is the prospect”s feeling that what you are going to offer is too complex, expensive and/or disruptive to their current environment. Is it possible to make your offering divisible, that is letting them try a part of it or implementing it only in one unit? In short, can you create a “Trojan Horse,” a way to establish a base of operation in the company so they can see what you offer work and thereby reduce the risk of wider implementation? Look at your products and services and determine the extent to which they are divisible. Look at your current clients and see how many started with you by letting in your Trojan Horse.