What’s The Best Thing For Business? Part III

Why do so many businesses put up with bad facilities? Inertia? It’s a pain and expensive to move. Locked into a lease? Employees and customers are used to where you are? What’s the best thing for the business? If the current location is important to your customer base, can you make it better-upgrade furniture, redo the showroom, paint, better lighting inside out, improved parking? If location does not matter and you are locked into a lease, does the landlord have other properties that work better for your business? If so, can you negotiate a move in return for an extended lease in the new location? If you are not locked into a lease, then start looking for place that better suits your current and future situations. I have seen a lot of companies move and just about every one of those moves had a positive impact on the company, its employees and customers. When following the advice of selecting an employee to be in charge of the move, many owners and CEOs discovered people in their organizations who had more potential and talent than anyone realized about them before. So what do your facilities say about your business? If you don’t like the answers, then make your move.