What’s The Best Thing For Business? Part I

Why do so many businesses put up with bad employees?

  • Inertia-the bad employee is the devil you know-better than the devil you don’t?
  • Compassion-feeling sorry for the person because they would lose their job if you took action? (Even though they cause trouble and need constant supervision and they make other employees wonder why they should do good work when some who doesn’t gets to stay?)
  • Fear of the Void? Even bad employees fill a void. If they are let go, then someone (maybe you) has to step in and fill that void.
  • Then there is the pain of recruiting a replacement then hiring and training them.

So, ask the question: What’s the best thing for the business? Remember the wisdom that Jim Collins imparted in his landmark book Good to Great…, put the right people “on the bus” in the right seats doing the right things. Build your organization that way-it’s more difficult and it takes more time. But, Collins research documents that the effort builds a great company.