What’s Holding You Back From Doing What You Need to Do?

In an earlier blog, we explored ways to fight the reluctance of clients and prospects to do what they need to do and let us help them with what we have to offer. Now, let’s look at ourselves. Are there things you know you need to do or should do to improve your business but you are reluctant to do them? Do you say it’s the money, but it really is something else? Could the something else be that in the “new normal” we live in, a/k/a, all the rules have changed, we are afraid that it won’t work and we will put ourselves in worse shape? If you were one of your clients and you could help with that issue, what would you be saying to you right now to move you off the dime? If you really drill down into the issue and any solutions that have been proposed, what is the worst that happens if the solution you pick does not work?

Can you make its implementation divisible, meaning can you do a piece and see if it works, then do another piece and then see if that works and so on? One thing could be that you feel that you have much more to lose now if it goes wrong. So, can you get some kind of warranty? Does the implementation represent a rallying point for your staff to get them moving in a positive direction? Do you remember the last time you were in a situation like this and faced it and resolved it and how good you felt? Taking action may not always yield positive results, but prolonged inaction can lead to paralysis. So, figure out what is really holding you back and resolve it one way or another.