What Kinds Of Experiences Do You Want Your Customers To Have In Doing Business WIth You?

We have talked in this space before about answering the first important question before you spend a dime on marketing and promotion: What do your customers really buy from you (not what are you selling?) Here’s another important question that goes beyond marketing and promotion: What kinds of experiences do you want you customers to have in doing business with you? Two good places to start for strategic input-what are your customers and your customer contact people telling you about complaints and problems? Catalogue and analyze this data and see what guidance it gives you about improving your total system of customer experience. Also look at praise. What do the nice things customers say about their experiences with your business that could be applied more widely across the whole company? Also, find out what people say about positive experiences they have with other companies and then dig into as much detail about what they do to create those experiences as you can. If they are not competitors, you may find them more willing to help you with information than you would think. Whether you are in a relationship business or not, in an on-line, viral spread of information world, how many bad reviews do you want to have before you decide to answer the customer experience question? Yes, there are unreasonable people and there are also honest mistakes. So you also have to be really good at fixing problems and managing your on-line reputation.