What Keeps Us From Doing the Life Planning We Should Be Doing?

Many businesses offer products and services that people really need, or should need. But, those businesses encounter resistance from potential buyers that can”t be explained by people simply “not wanting to be sold.” In Inner Circle meetings you hear highly motivated and ethical people who offer those products and services voice their frustrations about this. Especially hard hit are those who offer estate planning (especially wills,) insurance, succession planning and exit planning support and consulting. All of these products and services require the buyer to do at least a minimum of life planning-thinking about the future, providing for themselves and/or their families and employees after they are no longer around. Or, they require considering life after work or after controlling a business they built, nurtured, suffered with and then exulted in its success.

It”s hard to imagine a logical argument that can be lodged against doing the planning. Yet people avoid it like the plague. Why? There is no attempt here to practice psychology without a license, but there are a few observations that a layman can offer. Even though none of us truly believe that we are NOT going to get out of this alive, it”s a hard thing to think about and dwell on, so we don”t. For those of us whose life is intricately bound up in our work, we cannot see how to extricate ourselves with being injured. Many have expressed the desire to continue life relevant to others.

If you are just “sitting on the porch,” where”s the relevance in that? So, the best advice given in these discussions is to develop and then continue crafting a vision for the future-what do you want your business and your life to look like? Every couple of years when you revisit it, what has changed? What has to be in place in order to realize that vision? If you fashion a clear view of the situation you want and it includes moving on form what you are doing now, than the wills, insurance, succession planning and exit planning become easier to face.

Borrowing from an earlier blog, you can “hug the monster” and do the life planning you need to do.