What Did Your Learn From the Big Snows?

Winter may not yet be over, but those of us in the Mid-Atlantic region have had more than enough already. What did those of us who got snowed out learn about our companies during the big snows? Here are some lessons from various business owners about dealing with the impact of events like those snows and making future arrangements to deal with them better.

First, make sure you have some reserve funds available, either in savings or in your lines of credit. Your sales and deliveries may slow to a crawl, but your payroll and bills will not.


Second, review the inclement weather policy that is stated in your company”s employee handbook. Some employees may have an easier time getting to work than others. You need to be fair to and clear with everyone but you also have to be compliant with employment and wage and hour laws.

Next, look at the tools-phone trees, text messaging, e-mail, and website-that technology offers to communicate openings and closings, delivery changes, etc. to your customers and employees. You cannot predict the exact impact of every weather event, but you can be better at dealing with them than your competition and customers expect. This could be a significant differentiation strategy for your business.

Finally, work with your people to take a step back from the day-to-day and think through all the things your business can do to deal with the kinds of events that brings other organizations to their knees.