What Did Your Business Learn From “The Hurricane That Wasn’t”

The terrible heat and storm of late June affected all of us in the Mid-Atlantic area professionally and personally. There were many stories of personal sacrifice and extra effort to help get our homes and businesses back on electricity, air conditioning, the ability to keep food for more than 8 hours and back in touch with our customers. What did we learn from our experiences about being prepared for and able to deal with an area-wide disaster? One major thing is that you cannot be perfectly prepared to deal with every eventuality. What you can do is to resolve to be better at reacting to it than you perhaps were this time. In regard to your company, your ability to react could be a significant differentiator. For your family, make sure you have a plan for securing the safety of everyone-cell phones, an evacuation plan maybe even a generator to keep some lights on and refrigerators and freezers running. For your business, get your staff together and talk about how and when to communicate with each other and your customers. Always put yourself in the position of others and think about what they need and what they need to know. Remember that almost every vacuum in communications is filled with negative assumptions, so fill those vacuums with information that your family, employees and customers can use to deal with the disaster. Consult your insurance providers and risk managers to make sure you have coverage for losses and business continuation. Google “Disaster Recovery” and sift through the links for recommendations you can use.  You can also refer to a former post here that takes us back to the snow of 2010 but keeps with the same theme of business continuity.