What Can An Internal Wiki Do For You and Your Company?

One of the best business ideas I have ever encountered came up almost by chance in a meeting I had recently with a new Inner Circle member. When I asked him what was happening with his company, he said they just brought on a new, high-level employee and discovered that one of their internal resources was helping this new employee become productive almost immediately. The internal resource was a Wiki (as in Wikipedia) that they had developed using existing software that documented processes and procedures. It reflects how things are done in the company and the values behind what they do. The new employee was able to read through the Wiki on his first day and gain valuable knowledge about how things get done. He also came up with suggestions for improvements as all employees are empowered to do. One of the issues that surfaces often in Inner Circle meetings is how do you maintain the positive culture of a company as it grows in volume and employees. One big part of that answer is having a Wiki that reinforces the culture and is kept alive and functioning by all. It can also shorten training time for new employees and also for existing employees who change jobs or are part of a new product or service offering. Nic Baab of CYBERGROUP, Inc has created a helpful how-to on developing an internal Wiki that can be found at