What Are The Connections You Need To Make For Success In 2014?

“Making connections” is a simple phrase that has a thousand meanings, from the social to the mechanical. This blog has addressed the subject of connections before, talking about horizontal thinking and thinking in terms of systems. This time let’s think about all the things you may be treating separately that could be connected to some thing, some idea or someone else and if those connections were made, good results would happen.

First think of yourself as the leader. Are you getting all the information you need to clearly see how your organization is doing and where it is headed? If not, with whom and what do you need to connect to get that information? If you are overloaded with information, what do you need to reduce or summarize to gain the clarity you want and need, Are there people inside and outside the organization with whom you need to connect? Many CEOs have said that their highest and best use is wandering around the market and figuring out what comes next. What do you have to read and with whom do you want to meet to accomplish that task?

Now, think about your people. What connections do they need to make to ideas and people within the organization in order to be more successful in their job?  Do they see how their work is connected with the work of others ion order for the company to meet or exceed its goals? What connections do they need to make outside the organization with prospects, customers and referral sources? Assuming that you are building and sustaining an organization in which people, work to their strengths, you must make sure that placed throughout the entity that you have people whose strength is seeing connections not being made or needing improvement. If making good connections is part of the company culture, you just might have a powerful differentiation