We Move Forward

Most of us have grown up with the assumption that things will just keep getting better, that our children will have it better than us. Part of the “interest” in our interesting times are the dire predictions of the future due to federal and state deficits, rapidly rising taxation, inflation, etc. Much of that is really out of the control of individuals and individual businesses. So, what do we do? We do what all our ancestors who faced dire circumstances did- whether those circumstances were just predicted or became real- we adapt. We must be descended from those people because the people who failed to adapt probably didn’t have any descendants.

Adaptation means analyzing what is going on around you and figuring out the options for survival, even for prospering. It means doing what Dave Goldner, Managing Partner of Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates said in a recent business owner meeting, “we move forward”. Decline does not have to be inevitable. Opportunities are around us. Victimhood stinks. So do your analysis, list your options and pick the ones you like best and move forward while your competition stays in their shelters.

Update 3/1/2011:

Many thanks to Greg Boucher of The McLean Group for this attached article that serves as a great follow up to my blog.