Want To Go Global? There Is Help Out There…

Many business owners dream about extending the reach of their company beyond our borders but hang back because of assumed complications like language, culture, financing and marketing. Everyone should know that there is help out there from both private and public sources that can assist them to overcome these obstacles and many more. At a recent National Association of Women Business Owners luncheon, expert panelists like Michael Jackson from the Small Business Administration and Aisha Jones from the US Department of Commerce reminded attendees to do their homework and remember the old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans, do.”

They said that information and assistance is plentiful to help you get marketing data and cultural information that would enable the proper positioning and promotion of your products or services. You can also go to the cultural affairs offices of the embassies of countries into which you want to branch. Finally, do not forget the state level organizations like the MD Department of Business and Economic Development and the World Trade Center Institute.

To get you started, here is some contact and ( a firm in DC that does investigations and risk avoidance).