Want To Find Clues To Good Marketing Strategies? Drill Down Into Your Own Customer Base. Part II

We have talked about this strategy before in this space, but a discussion in a recent meeting sparked some more details about why it makes good sense. The discussion yielded 10 questions to answer before you go out and spend a lot of time and money on promotion and sales. Here are the second 5 questions. The first 5 appeared last week. This blog will also contain the recommendation to read an excellent book that provides a lot more information and insight into this way of thinking. The main point of all this is to find ways to differentiate yourself by documenting the successes you already have, deciding what kinds of customers you want more of and then crafting your marketing and sales efforts to get them.

6. What is your average revenue stream from repeat buyers over time?

7. How do you define your “best customers.?”

8. What percentage of your revenue comes from the “best customers?”

9. How did you gain those “best customers?”

10. What is your “Trojan Horse” product or service-one that new customers seem to prefer to start a relationship with your company?

Now for the book recommendation: Blue Ocean Strategy…”