Want To Be An Agent In Change? Then Here Are Four Things To Do Well. Part I: Communicate

In a recent meeting, Peter Van Buren, President of TerraLogos Energy Group and Director of Sales and Marketing for Efficient Home, Inc. brought up four duties that anyone who wants to make and lead substantive changes must perform well and sustain. By its very nature, business and sales involve the on-going management of change. Peter has published his blog on the topic He and I worked on the additional content below for this four-part blog series.

The first duty is communications. Few of us love change. In order to accept it, we must learn what the change is, why the change is necessary, what the change means for us and how we might benefit from it. If this sounds like Simon Sinek’s WHY, it is. Sinek’s 18-minute video on THE WHY is always worth revisiting so here is the link.

Communications must be viewed as a circle, not as a straight line. Just because a message is sent does not mean that it is received and understood. So, the message must be sent in a way that the people who must understand it will accept it. Then the message must be tested for understanding and reinforced. And remember that every vacuum in communications is filled with negative assumptions.  So, be sure to sustain positive communications about the change to fill and eliminate vacuums.