Want To Be A Change Agent? Then There Are Four Things to Do Well. Part IV: Patience With A Sense of Urgency

In a recent meeting, Peter Van Buren, President of TerraLogos Energy Group and Director of Sales and Marketing for Efficient Home, Inc. brought up four duties that anyone who wants to make and lead substantive changes must perform well and sustain. By its very nature, business and sales involve the on-going management of change. Peter has published his blog on the topic . He and I worked on the additional content below for this four-part blog series.  Go to these links to read Part I and Part II and Part III.


Trying to be patient while maintaining and communicating a sense of urgency may be the most difficult task of the four change agent duties. Remember that you are ahead of the others in considering and accepting the change. You need to bring them along with you by helping them to understand the change that must occur. You have to be patient with everyone as they too come to understand, accept and be inspired by what has to happen. At the same time, there have to be targets set and milestones passed, so that the change can be successfully implemented. If it is a new service that will differentiate your business, the window of your advantage may close quickly. So tasks must be accomplished and results tracked. This is why clear communications must be sustained, every opportunity to facilitate understanding taken and inspiration repeated to rally the troops from discouragement when the inevitable obstacles present themselves.