Two Questions To Ask Prospects During the Qualification Process

There are two things that we would like to know as we go through the process of qualifying our prospects, but we don’t always ask about them. Here are two open-ended questions that can be asked to provide us with clues on whether the person with whom we are meeting and the business they represent really are prospects:

1.    How are decisions on the kinds of (products/services) we offer made in your company?

2.   What is an example of an experience in purchasing (product/service) that went well and another that went badly and why?

You have to be careful of offending your prospect by assuming they are not in control of making the decision, but you have to know if they are not or if they are only a part of the process. It is maddening to get a prospect enthusiastic about what you can deliver only to find out that someone else in the company is not. And, finding out their view of a good purchase experience and a bad one can let you know how to position your pitch in a way that tells the prospect not only the value of what you will deliver but how well they will experience the delivery.

There is a third question for the person who is not the sole decision maker, but how you get this information would be difficult unless you have the guts to ask it: How can I make you look like a hero?