Two Conditions That We All Seek And Their Implications For Management

Our work with business owners covers people in a wide range of ages. No matter what the age of the person, there seems to be two conditions that they (and perhaps all of us) seek: control over their circumstances and relevance to others.

Helplessness and isolation are pretty miserable situations. Even one of them being present is bad enough. So, how much lack of control and irrelevance do your employees feel? Or, if they do not feel them, what are you doing to create the opposite conditions? Letting employees have a say in how their work is done is not abdicating your authority-it is empowering the employees to be responsible for their jobs.

In addition, a fundamental principal of quality management is, if you want the work to be improved, ask the people who do the work. And, how much has been written about the desirability-even the necessity-of helping each of your colleagues to see how their work is related to the work of others so that customer service and company objectives are met? Do your employees have that understanding-the relevance of their work to the work of others and that of the whole company?