Two Brilliant Marketing Ideas That Have Shaped Our Lives

There are two marketing strategies deployed over the past 40 years or so that have shaped our lives. Both are deceptively simple and, in many ways, brilliant. The first was a 20th Century strategy that I call Sweatshirt Marketing. In it, companies got people to pay say,  $60 to buy a sweatshirt with their logo on it and presumably wear it while being out and about. One can only wonder, how many billions of visual impressions and brand reinforcement each of those sweatshirts made as part of reinforcing the brand displayed on it. Of course, the logo imprints were not limited to sweatshirts but appeared on all manner of apparel. One offshoot was the rise in “career clothes.” These items range from company uniforms to logos on dress shirts and blazers. And, take a look at an NFL game and look at the predominant color being worn by the people in the stands-the color of the local team.

The 21st Century brought us another brilliant move-giving ideas away-keying off of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s phrase, “The more you give, the more you get.” There was a recent movie called Pay it Forward. The whole idea of that movie was to show that being helpful to others has positive ripples throughout society, People have figured out that imparting helpful information is a very strong way to build trust with people you have not met. It can establish the giver as a center of influence and thought leadership. Hence the popularity and explosion of blogs discussion groups and social media. So, what can you give away today to build your business?