We have heard much discussion in our groups about the importance of trust as the foundation of doing business. Anne Collier, CEO of Arudia in Chevy Chase, MD has done a great job listing the attributes of trust and creating set of directions to build it.

The Definition Of Trust

Trust is one’s willingness to be vulnerable to another based on the confidence that the other  is benevolent, honest, open, reliable, and competent. (Mishra, 1996; Tschannen-Moran & Hoy, 1998, 2000.)



• Open communications

• Genuine talking  and listening

• Sharing important information

• Important information not hidden

• Shared decision making

• Shared power


• Consistency

• Dependability

• Demonstrated commitment

• Dedicated to mission

• Diligent


• Walking the talk

• Truthfulness

• Agreements honored

• Authenticity

• Responsibilities accepted

• Manipulation avoided

• Committed to doing  what is right

Benevolence and Caring

• Environment of good will and caring

• Positive  interactions

• Appreciation expressed

• Fair

• Confidences maintained

• “Well-being” is looked after

• People willing to go the extra mile


• Perform to expectations

• Demonstrated skill in areas of professional accountability

• Setting standards of excellence

• Results oriented

• Flexibility/ adaptability

• Willingness to fulfill responsibilities