Transitions Are Tough. Part II. What Makes You Relevant to Others?

An owner’s ability to weather the transition in ownership to family or buyers depends in part on the owner’s ability to maintain relevance to others and have a financial platform that supports the life he or she wants to live. The body of knowledge associated with building a solid personal financial platform is enormous, and everyone should take advantage of the services of a trusted financial advisor.

But the concept of relevancy to others may not have the volume of support that the creation of a practical financial plan enjoys. (Therapists, do not be angry with me, please!) So, each of us should think – with or without professional help – about what makes us relevant to others in a way that sustains us and makes us feel alive.  In classic brainstorming tradition, create a list of those items. Is it sharing ideas, food, wine, rounds of golf, hiking? Is it writing or volunteering to make the lives of others better?  Is it music – enjoying or performing? Whatever they are, catalog them first, then choose the ones that energize you the most – those pursuits that make you unaware of time when you experience or perform them. That shorter list is the map for your “other side.”

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