Toad Kissing Is Infuriating…But Can It Be Avoided?

For the 22+ years I have been facilitating meetings of business owners, I have many times heard this borrowed metaphor when they talk about the difficulties of hiring and keeping good people; “You have to kiss a lot of toads to find that prince or princess.” The toads of course are all the people with bad resumes, bad qualifications, and bad skills. Many of them are able to disguise their lack of qualifications with a slick resume and a glowing personality. Estimates on the real cost of a bad hire can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars which does not include the frustration of dealing with a hired toad and the time wasted in keeping them around too long. Can toad kissing be avoided…yes, if not completely, then substantially reduced.

The first task is to list the attributes and values of the kind of person you are seeking. The list should be as detailed as possible. Then construct an interview guide that helps you narrow your candidate list to 2 to 4 people. Then use an assessment to hone in even further on which of the candidates is the best one for the job. The small amount of money you invest in an assessment can not only bring you an excellent employee-not a toad-but gives you the opportunity to save the costs of a bad hire. Here’s a link to an article written in SmartCEO by Eric Miller and Don Schmincke, Managing Partner of Smart Performance Strategies, LLC on how you can avoid toad kissing and find the right people and get them into the right jobs.