Tis The Season Resolve To Be More Productive

This is the time of year many people make resolutions to do better, to do good or to be better in the coming year. There is something right under all our noses that we can do that actually encompasses all three of those goals, we can be more productive personally. And, if you believe that actions really do speak louder than words, your being more productive may actually be contagious. Yes, the times are not good right now and maybe there is extra incentive to find better ways to do what we do, but can you think of a time where it does not make sense to get better results with smart (and possibly less) effort? Leslie Shreve is a Baltimore-based personal productivity consultant who has helped scores of business executives and others to work smarter, not harder. Read this article and sail into 2011 with real improvements. If you visit Leslie�s website, you can also sign up for her e-zine,Work Day Wonders, so you can keep up the improvements.