‘Tis The Season…For Reflecting On 2010

In keeping with the season, take a few moments and think back on the past year. And since we are bombarded with negative news, let’s keep it as positive as possible. So here are some questions to ask yourself. Be honest and celebrate the successes:

1. What were your most significant accomplishments in 2010-business and personal?

2. What were your company’s most significant accomplishments in 2010?

3. What were the biggest things you learned in 2010? The most helpful?

4. What were the biggest things your company learned in 2010? The most helpful?

5. What employee (s) made the biggest contribution (s) to the company in 2010?

6. What recognition was given to those contributions?

7. In the words of your best customers, how did your company differentiate itself from its competitors?

8. What was your biggest surprise in 2010?

Reflecting on the past-not necessarily dwelling on it-can provide clues to future successes. Don’t let those successes-no matter how small-go unrecognized and acknowledged.