Tired Of Handling The “We Are Not Sure You Are Big Enough To Handle Us” Sales Objection?

Every small business in the world has to deal with this poke in the eye. They work hard to build a better widget or service and then run into the decision makers who really need to have it and love the idea but back away because of the size or experience of the widget/service provider. It makes you wonder how anyone ever was able to grow to the point where at least this objection was no longer relevant. Jim Martin author of Ultimate Selling, The Art and Science of Sales Success will tell you that you can fight this battle in two important ways. First, thoroughly prepare for your sales call by finding out as much as you can about your prospect and how they do business. Anything you can properly learn about the kinds of companies they deal with will help. In many cases, the people lodging this objection are worried about what happens if buying from you goes wrong. Business owners may only be concerned about the inconvenience. Other decisions makers may fear for their jobs. This is where the other tool comes in: Service Objectives. Get your prospect to drill down into their specific concerns about delivery times, quantities, warranties and any other thing that is specific and measurable and tell them how you will meet those objectives. Two things will then happen: You either wind up with a clear picture of what dealing with them really means to your company or you will learn that you are not yet ready to deliver to them, unless they can handle a “trial order”. If not, in that second case, you know what you will need to do in order to do business with them in the future. In either case you have taken on that poke in the eye and dealt with it professionally.