Thoughts on Creating Value

The last blog urged a recommitment by your business to create value. We cannot ignore compliance, but we can shift our focus to doing the things that create positive ripples through our economy: finding needs and filling them. In at least five consecutive recent business owner group meetings, the topic of going back to current and previous customers as prime sources of growth has come up. They are all entities that have voted with their money to do business with your company. When was the last time that they voted? Assuming that prior customers did not leave because of problems, when was the last time you had any contact with them? What products and services did they buy? What products and services that you offer have they not bought? When was the last time you asked them how they were doing, or what plans they were making or how you could help them? You have a number of options in creating value: you can deliver products and services that they used to buy but stopped. You can deliver products and services that they should have bought, but never did. You can determine new needs that they have that you can meet. In fact you can create two ripples in the economy: money and energy. The money ripple flows through all the people and organizations directly and indirectly affected by what you sell and deliver. The energy ripple flows through those same channels and gets people looking forward. It’s contagious.