This is NOT news: Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

In a recent meeting, Joe Twist, CEO of The Collaborative Group, a Baltimore-based market research and business intelligence firm focused on the pharmaceutical industry, uttered a phrase that hit all those present profoundly: “success comes to those people who place themselves in the path of positive surprises.”

Not all that different than “Be in the Right Place at the Right Time,” but is it? Maybe not if you accept the assumption that the path to success may be more in your control than you think. And wouldn”t you rather be in some kind of control of what happens to you?


Let”s look at Joe”s phrase carefully. “Success;” how do you define it? It has to be something meaningful to you. This is the first step to getting on the right path. Having defined what your success will be, in what path do you stand so you recognize the possibility of the success you want when you see it?

Remember those first questions of marketing? Who are we trying to reach? What do they really buy from us? How do they get their information? Where do they congregate? The last two questions help you define the path where you need to place your self: be visible in the media where they get their information and in the places where they congregate.

Being visible where they congregate can be a very effective and less-expensive strategy; attending events, being a sponsor, being a speaker and writing for newsletters. The surprises can then happen-prospects you did not even know existed call and want to talk.

Or, you call the person belonging to one of the business cards you received at an event and they agree to meet. You are on the path and you are on your way.