Things To Remember About Communication, Part III

Conversations between business owners often turn to incidents where messages are either misunderstood, ignored or not even sent, have caused significant problems for them and the business. Every business has to be on its toes with its communications of every kind, internal and external. This series of blogs is devoted to a series of observations about communications and how to make them more successful.

Observation #3: The way to test the viability of communications is to ask for feedback and analyze the questions you get. You can follow up the message with asking if it was received and to see if there are any questions on it. If it is a marketing message, you can ask the customers that order- what appealed to them about the message? You can ask recipients of marketing messages why they did not order. Of course you cannot test every message. But in testing some of them you are creating a culture in your business that hears the importance of clear communications and works to make sure messages are received and understood.

This is Part III in a three part series.  You can find Part I here and Part II here.