Things To Remember About Communication Part II

Conversations between business owners often turn to incidents where messages are either misunderstood, ignored or not even sent, have caused significant problems for them and the business. Every business has to be on its toes with its communications of every kind; internal and external. This series of blogs will be devoted to observations about communications and how to make them more successful. You can go here to read part I of this series.

Observation #2:  A Good communications diagram looks like a circle and not a straight line. The corollary to this one is, “A message sent is not always a message received.” There are a number of ways to test this observation. Remember the old party game called Telephone? You have a group of people gathered. The first person whispers a short message to the next person so that no one else hears. The next person does the same until it reaches the last person in the group. The first person has written down his or her message. The last person then says out loud the message he or she got. Rarely if ever does the original message survive intact. This is a great example of the risk that is taken in communications-that the message will not be heard properly. This bad enough when you are using word of mouth to set up a party. What about your new product launch training programs?