Things To Remember About Communication, Part I

Conversations between business owners often turn to incidents where messages are either misunderstood, ignored or not even sent, have caused significant problems for them and the business. Every business has to be on its toes with its communications of every kind; internal and external. This series of blogs will be devoted to observations about communications and how to make them more successful.

Observation #1: Every vacuum in communications is filled with negative assumptions. People who expect to receive communications (even if they have not communicated those expectations) and do not receive them may assume they are being ignored, or the news is bad or they are receiving bad service. People who ignore communications are perceived to be impolite at best. So keep people informed. Keep customers updated even when there is not much news. Return calls, texts and e-mails as long as they are not spam or junk. Learn how to say “no” and have it appreciated for its politeness. Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we. Your personal and corporate willingness to go the extra mile to communicate and follow up with people can be a significant differentiator.