There May Be A Bright Side To The Recession: Higher Productivity

According to a recent article in USA Today, the recession has generated at least one strong answer to last week’s blog question of what to do about moving forward: Necessity has forced many businesses to find ways to be more productive with less people. Utilizing technology and creative staffing decisions like job sharing and work configuration, many companies have survived and some have prospered. The increase in productivity accounts for much of the lack of job growth in the face of economic growth-businesses have been slow to hire because they can get the work done. This news is, of course, small comfort to those who are out of work with poor prospect for changing their situation. Instead of looking for the same kind of work situations they left, there could be clues in what is going on out there in what they could do to adapt to the changes.

The full article on how these changes are playing out can be read here at USA Today. (My thanks to Mandy Myrick of Interversant who spotted this article.) So, this week’s question is what are you and your employees doing to be more productive-improved people and technology systems, eliminating wasteful work, improved customer service?