There Is A Great Marketing Strategy Open to All: Differentiation

There is one cornerstone of marketing strategy that is available to every company-the ability to define and articulate what makes the company different from its competitors, real and perceived. But the problem is, most firms want to define their differentiators in terms of what is important to them-features-rather than the benefits that cause their customers to buy. Worse, their differentiator statements are full of jargon and terms that customers do not identify with. So, here is an exercise for companies to use to truly define what makes them different in ways that are material to their target markets.

– Make your own personal list of what makes the company different from competitors. Set it aside and show it to no one right now

– Ask your employees each to make a list. Set these lists aside after you review them and find ones maybe you had not thought of

– Ask your customers what they think makes you different. This is a critical step. They will say things in their “language” and terminology.

– Compare all the lists and pick the really good ones-the ones that are real and specific. And, always express them in terms and language that your customers use. In fact the only real differentiators are the ones that are important and relevant to customers.

– Use the final list in all marketing materials and on your website