The Silly Season Is Upon Us Once Again

Every year at this time, We remind everyone  that is in business that the end of August and beginning of September is what  we call “The Silly Season.” Just about the time when we all get used to summer traffic being lighter due to schools being closed and people on vacation, schools reopen and vacations end. Then everyone has to get used to heavier traffic, altered child care situations, new traffic patterns, new schools, etc. In short, a return to “normal” life for the next 9 or 10 months. The problem is another manifestation of The Lag Syndrome. People are still leaving the house on “Summer Time.” Then they run into increased traffic, which slows them down, and they become late to wherever they are going. You even see otherwise mature adults, sitting behind the wheels of their cars, staring into space and befuddled, or worse, tense and enraged by the situation. So, be prepared. Here are few suggestions from business owners on dealing with The Silly Season.

  1.     Remind employees to watch out for traffic problems and delays as soon as schools open.
  2.     Cut people some slack if there are one or two unusual late arrivals.
  3.     Childcare issues are one of the greatest causes of stress among workers-so be sensitive to those situations.
  4.     If you have a business that depends on deliveries, especially in the morning, you might consider an earlier schedule for a week or two until everyone gets used to the return to “normal.”