The Manic Side of Being an Entrepreneur – Don’t We All Live It?

Here it is the afternoon of my stepson’s evening wedding and I am writing a blog about the manic side of being an entrepreneur. There’s the wedding tonight and a week-long vacation starting tomorrow and a blog deadline this coming Tuesday. So, the manic side of me is desperately trying to make deadline without doing it on vacation. It always helps to take a look at you to see if things are going OK. An article in a recent New York Times Magazine was referred to me by two people-Anne Collier, Managing Director of DC-area-based Arudia, a strategic coaching firm and Carol Vellucci, Career Center Director at the University of Baltimore. Here’s the link to the article, entitled Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs.

I think all of us that brush up against the manic side every once in a while will find the insights in the article helpful. So stick with your vision and show the world you are not crazy!