The Internet: The Promise and The Responsibility

The World Wide Web is one of the most significant developments in the last century. The statistics on its growth and use are mind-boggling. Can you imagine life without it? No one blog, article, book or magazine could document its impact so this one will just focus on what the Internet is doing to the world of gatekeepers.

By gatekeepers, I mean the people and professions that stand between people who create things-articles, books, music, art, software, products and services, etc. and the people who would want them. Gatekeepers include editors and publishers, music A&R producers, gallery owners, distributors and buyers to name a few.

So, the promise is that even the smallest creator of something has the opportunity to reach out to the world and find those who resonate with what he or she has created. The fact that there is a lot of clutter and junk on the web is a testament to the responsibility that falls on the creators to try to think and act like the gatekeepers. Good writing, good music, good design and good products and services will always win out in the long run.

The Internet offers a powerful channel for those good things to shine. Recently, Chris Nufer, CEO of New Channel Marketing now based in New York, made a presentation to the regional chapter of the American Marketing Association that clearly portrays how one should think like a publisher and cleverly use web-based social networks to create excellent buzz-cyber word of mouth-to help you let your light shine. Go to Chris” website-New Channel Creative -and click on the little orange symbol under the words “Chris Nufer’s Blog” to review his presentation.

And remember, your message needs good writing, like all messages do. If you are not a good writer, find one and get their help.