The “I’m 100% Responsible for Everything” Trap: Avoid It and Have a Life.

There is a familiar theme that runs through meetings with business owners: bringing up issues for solutions-especially ones involving employees- where the answer seeker assumes he or she is 100% responsible for that solution. It’s not just the inability to delegate (although that is a part of it,) or the need for total control (also a part of it with some people.)

It seems like the “I am 100% responsible for everything” condition is a holdover from the start of the business or a rise to the top of the business. That was when the owner/CEO had total responsibility for things because there was no one else or very few people around to do the other things that needed to be done.

Time to call in two Inner Circle principles; First, shift from owning the process to owning the results of the business; and second, see how little you, the owner, are spending on your highest and best use and set about increasing that time. To implement both principles, you need to figure out what has to be in place to accomplish them-usually a more robust organization-and creating the conditions to where that organization accepts their portion of that 100% responsibility. Having accomplished that, you might find you have time for the other things in life.