The CEO’s Balancing Act

A lot has been written and out the major duties of a CEO/business owner and how to perform those duties to create and sustain a successful business. But there is one duty you do not see much talked about-the delicate balancing act he or she must perform. That balancing act is to staff with the right people the four major functions that every business-regardless of size-must have and have them work in concert and not in too much competition with each other. The four functions are Marketing & Sales, Operations, Finance & Administration and Human Resources We all have a tendency to define and solve problems in our own frame of reference. The people in each of these functions will see things through the lens of their specialties. The CEO/owner has to be able to look out over all of them and get the best, reconciled efforts of all. These efforts should be consistent with the Vision and Mission of the company. In part, he or she must harness the natural contention between the functions (they are doing their jobs) and not eliminate it entirely. He or she must also not vest too much power in one function at the expense of the others. A delicate balancing act indeed.