Suggestions for Providing World Class Service

Here are a several of ideas from many discussions with business owners about how to raise your service to world class levels:

1. Help clients learn and believe in how to benefit the most from what you provide. If things do not go well, clients hardly ever blame themselves. So, a disproportionate burden falls on the service provider to make sure clients use services properly.

2. Get agreement up front from your clients or prospects on how they will define the success of using what you are offering. This is not foolproof but it can sure help down the road.

3. Analyze feedback from clients, especially feedback for patterns that lead to improved training of customer contact personnel, the tools and systems they use to serve clients and service enhancements and new services.

4. Regularly reinforce the value clients are receiving and make sure they see the value the same way you do. As the old saying goes, “the only thing worse than doing a bad job is doing a good one and nobody realizes it.