Sometimes “No” Is A Good, Right Answer

When someone says “yes” to something we are trying to sell or request of them, the sound of that word can make our day. But, over the years, business owners and CEOs have listed many circumstances where the word “no” is the good, right answer. Here are a few to think about. Do any of these circumstances sound familiar? Say:

1. No to a bad hire when you are desperate to fill a job that needs to be done, especially if you are the one that has to be doing it in addition to your existing job.

2. No to the pain in the neck piece of business-the customer who always complains, pays late and then takes the discount anyway and then just beats on you about price over and over. How much is it worth to keep that customer?

3. No to the service or product you are thinking of offering that does not fit your abilities, qualifications or customer base.

4. No to keeping the bad employee who is holding you hostage while you think “the devil you know” is better than the devil you don”t. Stop hiring devils.

5. No to the prospect that just wants to pick your brain and never seems to get to a decision about doing business with you. Sandler Selling and Integrity Selling teach you to go for no, which is better than a “think it over.”