Some Things You Should Know About Employee Motivation

Whenever business owners gather, it does not take long for the conversation to turn to employee motivation-what is it? How do you do it? Why aren’t my employees fired up about the business like I am? There have been studies upon studies about what motivates us. Is it money, stock options, recognition, flat screen TVs in the employees lounge, sports tickets, vacations, what? Many of you have already been told that managers and owners cannot motivate employees. They have to create the right conditions in which employees become self-motivated.

Daniel Pink addresses the topic of motivation in his landmark book, Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us. This book is well worth the investment of time and money to read. But to introduce you to his major points, take a look at this 11-minute, very clever video:

See if it doesn’t open your eyes to ideas that are surprising and achievable. This gem was brought to our attention by Jayla Boire, President of The Right Idea, a Delaware-based marketing consulting firm, and by Ed Snyder, our Northern MD Inner Circle Associate.