Small Changes, Big Innovation

Have you ever heard the phrase “Innovate, or go home”? It suggests, that in business, the only way to stay on top of your game is to be innovative. Many people don’t think they are innovative and worry that their ideas aren’t new enough, original enough or different enough.

What they fail to consider is that adaptation can be an innovation in and of itself.

In this week’s column in SmartCEO, I examine this subject in more detail and provide a couple innovative ideas of my own. Here’s a sneak peak:

Innovation isn’t just for tech geniuses and artists. One of the most important lessons every business leader learns is that the price of success is the ability and willingness to adapt — and that adaptability can be an innovation in and of itself. Regardless of size, success, industry or geographic location, that kind of innovation is an option for every business. It’s a differentiator — a factor that separates your company from your competitors in ways that generate success — and it’s possible in everything your business does.

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