Shock Trauma Has The “Golden Hour”. So Do Customer Service Issues

Dr. R. Adams Cowley, the accredited developer of modern Shock/Trauma systems wrote and spoke often about “the Golden Hour,” the first sixty minutes after traumatic injuries being the best time to start treating them and raising the odds that the victim would survive. Dr. Cowley taught that the odds would get worse after that Golden Hour had passed. We all know at least one person whose life, either directly or indirectly, has been affected by all the advancements in trauma medicine. Shift to customer service issues you have faced in your own experience. What percentage of them have been resolved for you in situations where the company serving you started dealing with your problem in the first hour after you contacted them. Maybe it would be easier to ask how many experiences have you had where a real person either acknowledged you or even picked up the phone  in the first hour? If you are dealt with promptly, what is your opinion of that company? If you are communicated with often throughout the process of resolution of your issue, what is your opinion? Look at some of these customer service websites and see if you can’t find the compelling data that shows that companies with higher customer service ratings are substantially more profitable that their lower rated competitors.

Ask yourself how your company is doing. Where would your business appear in those ratings? Why would any legitimate company not want to be highly ranked? If you want to be serious about that high ranking, start with the Golden Hour.