Selling is Hard Work, But Help is on the Way

If you are a successful sales person or know someone who is, you know that selling is hard, frustrating and ultimately rewarding work. To the casual observer it looks glamorous-attending events, lunches and dinners out and freedom from being chained to a desk. But, beneath all that supposed glamour is constant effort to prepare, persevere and use a system like the one that Jim Martin, CEO of Ultimate Selling Solutions, LLC has developed with Brian Myrick of Interversant. Based on Jim’s years of successful experience in selling and developing nationally recognized sales training programs, he has followed up on his 2011 book, “Ultimate Selling, The Art and Science of Sales Success” with the launch of a 21st Century delivery platform and series titled: Ultimate Selling Series. They are multi-media, multi-touch, interactive eBooks for salespeople who want to keep improving their outcomes. (Selling is a practice!) You will enjoy, be engaged. learn and benefit from selected topics at your own pace and schedule. To find out more, click here  to look at the first eBook in the series, “How to Prepare for a B2B Sales Call,” and get ready for a successful 2014. In fact ,you just might end 2013 with a flourish.