Really Hard Things To Do in Running Your Company

In his landmark book Good to Great, author Jim Collins talks about the critical ability great businesses have in facing the brutal facts confronting the business while maintaining a belief that things will work and get better. (Of course, things getting better depend heavily on effort, strategy and tactics, and not just hope.) Facing the brutal facts is hard, very hard. Here are some of those hard things business owners have faced and resolved

Delegation Owners recognize intellectually that they cannot grow the business and keep doing all the things they have been doing. But, it is hard to let go-fear of fatal mistakes by employees, lack of confidence or just simply missing the rush of being indispensible. So, they have to decide, what is more important-being exhausted and being static or embracing the growth and benefitting from it.

Dealing with Problem Employees It could be empathy, a distaste for confrontation, the devil they know, the reluctance to cover for someone who is terminated no matter how bad they are. Whatever the reason, nearly every owner has a story of being “held hostage:” by a bad employee and realizing that they not only kept them too long, they lost some of the respect of other employees for failing to act.

Hiring the Right People and Putting them in the Right Jobs. This is another of Jim Collin'” tenets of building a great company-have “the right people on the bus and sitting in the right seats.” Many owners freely admit they are lousy at hiring.

The interesting thing about all of these really difficult tasks is that they are resolvable; either by the owner”s direct effort or the willingness to get help. In other words, tasks that can make you feel you are out of control can actually increase your control by dealing with them. Take a lesson from good parenting to get into good delegation. Set a deadline for dealing with that problem employee, either by letting them go or finding them the right seat on your bus. And, look for a consultant that can help you use the right tools to profile jobs and put the right candidates into them.