Questions To Ask About Your Website

You have worked hard and spent the money to get your website up and running. You have pushed it past the passive, on-line brochure phase and want to see those hits and inquiries rise. It is time to avoid the “Website Static Trap.” Having a website and being involved in Social Media is a process, not an event.

First, how does your website look on a mobile device-a smart phone or a tablet? Some amazing statistics are coming out about how many people below a certain age no longer access the web very often on a desktop or laptop computer. They use a mobile device the great majority of the time. Next, have you “googled” your company often to see where it comes up on page one of search results? You never know when competitors are going to up their pay per click investment to move them up the list or enhance their Search Engine Optimization strategies. Staying on top of the rapidly changing world of electronic and social media demands on-going attention. If your business is big enough, you should consider assigning responsibility to a full-time person. Smaller companies can avail themselves of web designers and social media consultants that help companies like yours keep up. If you get some referrals, take at look at their sites and social media profiles, see if they are taking their own advice.