Post Recession Challenge #3

Here is a third challenge for business CEO/owners as we slowly crawl out of a bad recession: focus, focus, focus. This sometimes seems to be the hardest thing for businesses to do. We want everyone to know the value we provide. We want to grow by serving as many clients as we can. Turning down business is not only repugnant but also almost crazy? But, what if there was a counterintuitive power at work here?

What if you realized that the more focused you were on a target market or two and the more focused your marketing a promotion messages were, the more business you did? This inverse business principle works. Only a psychologist could tell you why. But, being focused helps people out there-“your unpaid sales force”-have a greater understanding of what you are about and what opportunities you seek.

This is tough to swallow when you still see commercials on television and other forms of “mass” marketing (although seemingly mass marketing can be pretty focused depending on how it is placed.) The rise of web marketing, search engine optimization and social network marketing are examples of more focused strategies. Successful websites are designed to appeal to the people the businesses are trying to interest. Search engine optimization raises the odds that they will find you and social network marketing is part of the way you can sustain a community of target customers. Think about all the things you buy and see how many of those purchases are the result of focus-on people like you.

So your challenge is to see what kinds of business you really like, focus on it and go get more.